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Freedom offers a wide variety of specialized services.  We work with our clients to craft a program to meet their specific needs.  
Freedom offers complete recycling services for electronic equipment.  All equipment is demanufactured (disassembled) in our Hagerstown, Maryland facility and separated into major commodity categories such as steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, glass for material recovery and reuse.  Batteries and other hazards are removed during the demanufacturing process and sent to appropriate recovery facilities.
Revenue Sharing
Freedom recognizes that some assets sent to our facility will have resale potential.  It is our policy to remarket these assets when contract terms permit and it makes economic sense to do so.  The revenue from the sale of equipment is shared with the client on a percentage basis. 
Destruction Services
Some companies require the complete destruction of their equipment.  Freedom's Destruction Services ensures that all equipment is completely destroyed and will not re-enter the marketplace in any shape or form.
Asset tracking
Freedom can track your assets for you and provide you with lists of items received at our facility.  This can be done using serial number and/or asset tag numbers depending on the client requirements.
Logistics Services
Freedom offers the most comprehensive logistics service in the region including LTL pickups, tractor trailer loads, and customized "desktop-to-dock" assistance. 

Freedom Electronics Recycling, Inc.
Williamsport, Maryland